MagicWalls is a family business.
Nancy Chapple and Jens Paape have been working in and with collaborative environments for some twenty years. With this joint background and the designing skills of Jens as an engineer we have been able to develop a portfolio of collaborative furniture that fulfils the needs of today's flexible and interactive ways of working.

As a small business we care about our products and our customers. We are proud to offer friendly personal contact and individual consulting about the right solution for your requirements—be they standard or tailored.

Our offerings are not limited to whiteboards and accessories.
In five locations around the world, we rent out equipment for mobile events.
And with our consulting capability we support you with the design, planning and realization of your own collaborative workspace.

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Quality & Environment

Aesthetic design and sustainability combined with hands-on solutions that enable easy set-up and transport are the distinguishing features of all our products.

We use only the finest materials, like a top-quality porcelain steel surface that even after years leaves no shadows or ghost pictures after cleaning, the best quality wood for the frame, and stainless steel for the wheelsets.

We work in close cooperation with local companies and craftsmen to ensure each individual component is produced in the best quality.


For each order we track every step of the production chain to ensure that the final product is flawless. This enables us to give you a 5-year warranty on your furniture.

All our products are manufactured and assembled completely in Germany.

We really do care about the environment. This means that we source our materials carefully from sustainable, renewable sources.

We avoid waste and pollution. Together with our partners we ensure high production and safety standards as well as fair wages.



Please download our current pricelist below.

All prices are for orientation only and are subject to change.
Please always request a quote.

Prices are for standard-sized walls with beech frames. Shipping is not included.
Non-standard sizes, other kinds of woods or coating will be calculated on an individual basis.
Discounts are available for large orders.

We can also provide completely tailored solutions for your workwalls, as well as personal consultation for complete environments.

"MagicWalls are high-quality and easy to maintain. Because they are so easy to use and mobile, we can create any set-up we want and change it (m)any time(s) during the course of an event. We have worked with many different types of walls. The MagicWalls are the best-in-class currently available in the marketplace."
Lisette Reek / Partner GroupMapping


General Information

Workwalls are the essence of every collaborative workspace. They serve not only as a surface to develop your ideas or hang print-outs and posters with magnets, but also as room dividers.

All Workwalls that we design and produce have top-quality porcelain steel surfaces, and you can choose from a variety of designs and materials for the frames to find the best solution for your purpose.

The surface can be easily cleaned and leaves no shadows—even after years of use. Magnets stick to it so you can hang posters and other items as well as place our matching pentrays and erasers.

In addition to our standard Workwalls, we can provide customized solutions.
Let us know your requirements: sizes, materials, colors, mix of surfaces and other parameters, and we will develop a solution.

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Radiant Workwalls

The Radiant Workwall is the flagship in our portfolio. It is built from combinations of curved and straight elements that each are 150cm wide. The smallest Radiant Workwall consists of just two outer elements and can be expanded by inserting several inner elements.

This design gives you all the flexibility to build a plenary area with a curved Radiant Workwall that matches the number of participants and the available space.

Curved Wall with 8 elements

Thanks to the wheels under each element, the whole Radiant Workwall can be moved in the space.

For bigger Radiant walls we provide special suspension wheels that prevent the wall from tipping over.

Radiant Workwalls are available in both the standard and the nestable version.

Curved Workwall with 6 panels

While the standard height of the Radiant Workwall is an impressive 238cm, we provide a version with a reduced height of 210cm for rooms with low ceilings.

To the right you see a 4-panel Radiant Workwall in a low ceiling office space. The height is 210cm and the frame is coated dark grey.

Reduced height curved Workwalls

Any combination of curved and straight panels is possible.

Element Dimensions: All

Curved Element Radius590cm / 19'4"

Width (outer elements)152cm / 5'0"

Width (inner elements)150cm / 4'11"

Element Dimensions: High Version

Height238cm / 7'10"

Weight (outer elements)41kg / 90lbs

Weight (inner elements)35kg / 77lbs

Element Dimensions: Low Version

Height210cm / 6'11"

Weight (outer elements)37kg / 82lbs

Weight (outer elements)31kg / 68lbs

Possible settings

Setup of Radiant Workwall

How long does it take to set up a 6 panel (7.5m wide) Radiant Workwall?

Watch the time-lapse video to find out...

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Straight Workwalls

Our Single and Double Workwalls are the essence of every collaborative workspace. They serve not only as a surface to develop your ideas or hang print-outs and posters with magnets, but also as room dividers.

Breakout with 2 Doubles and 1 Single Panel

Though mobile Workwalls are designed especially for easy and fast setup as well as for space-saving storage and transport, we have not neglected the aesthetics.

According to the premise that environment matters, we want to ensure that mobile event and workshop settings also create a pleasant mood for the participants.

Double and Single Panel next to each other

Single Panel Workwalls

Overall height196cm / 6'5"

Overall width125cm / 4'1"

Whiteboard height175cm / 5'9"

Whiteboard width117cm / 3'10"

Frame thickness5cm / 2"

Breadth with wheels80cm / 2'7"

Weight29kg / 66lbs

Two Single Panels with American walnut frames in an office environment

Wide Single Panel Workwalls

Overall height196cm / 6'5"

Overall width154cm / 5'1"

Whiteboard height175cm / 5'9"

Whiteboard width146cm / 4'9"

Frame thickness5cm / 2"

Breadth with wheels80cm / 2'7"

Weight34kg / 88lbs

Wide Single Panel with beech frame

Double Panel Workwalls

Overall height196cm / 6'5"

Overall width245cm / 8'0"

Whiteboard height175cm / 5'9"

Whiteboard width237cm / 7'9"

Frame thickness5cm / 2"

Breadth with wheels80cm / 2'7"

Weight55kg / 121lbs

For easy transport and storage our Double Panel Workwalls are designed and produced in two half panels that are connected with invisible steel connectors.

3 Double Panels with beech frame in Y-formation

Setup of 6 Single Workwalls

How long does it take to set up 6 Single Workwalls?

Watch the time-lapse video to find out...

Setup of dismantlable Double Panel Workwalls

How do you set up a double panel Workwall?

Watch the time-lapse video to find out...

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Nestable Workwalls

Office workspaces are sometimes used in different ways. So it might be necessary to store the Workwalls from time to time in a corner of the space or a separate storage room. To reduce the neccessary storage space we designed our nestable WorkWalls.

5 nested Double Panels

The panels of the nestable Workwalls are identical with the standard version, but the wheelsets are different. It's a solid welded steel construction that is low enough to slide under other panels.

Nestable versions are available for all straight and curved panels.

Solid steel wheelsets for nestable Workwalls

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Budget Workwalls

Without making any compromises on quality, we have designed a Workwall with an aluminum frame and a steel wheelset.

By choosing different materials and a simpler design for the frame and the wheelsets, we were able to reduce the sales price by up to 30%.

Budget Double Panel Workwall

Like all our Workwalls, they have steel ceramic whiteboard surfaces on both sides.

Our budget Workwalls are available as

  • Single (121cm/3'12" wide)
  • Wide Single (151cm/4'10" wide)
  • Double Panel (241cm/7'11" wide)

With a height of 192cm / 6'4"

Budget Panel Details

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Special Walls

Foldable Workwall

This foldable Workwall has three sections - connected with hinges.

Unfolded they are 308-368cm wide.

Dimensions: small version

Width, unfolded308cm / 10'1"

Width, folded108cm / 3'7"

Height196cm / 6'5"

Weight70kg / 154lbs

Dimensions: large version

Width, unfolded368cm / 12'1"

Width, folded128cm / 4'2"

Height196cm / 6'5"

Weight85kg / 187lbs

Foldable Workwall

Monitor Panel

Our monitor panels are prepared to hold a monitor of up to 65".

They have two wheelsets for higher stability.


Width154cm / 5'1"

Height210cm / 6'11"

Weight40kg / 88lbs

Monitor Panel

Wall Mounted Whiteboard

Our wall mounted panels are extra wide and up to 150 cm high.

The whiteboard surface is seamless.


Max. overall width600cm / 19'8"

Max. overall height154cm / 5'1"

Frame thickness5cm / 2"

Wall Mounted Whiteboard

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Customized Workwalls

Sliding Walls

This 3-panel sliding wall was customized to fit a pre-designed meeting room.

Sliding Wall

Extra Wide Double Panel

This is a special design where two extra wide Single Panels are connected to build a 304cm Double Panel.

To switch back and forth between two individual Single Panels and one Double Panel, one frame element of each Single Panel can be removed and then the two open ends are connected with steel brackets.

Extra wide Double Panel

Mobile Docks

Design for a studio in London.

Mobile Booth

"We purchased a complete set of Magic Walls and we have them now in our leaders' offices—as every-day discussion/ideation space—when we are not holding our own small workshops. We have been delighted with the quality of the products – no complaints at all about their sturdiness, suitability for various climates or for that matter functionality."
R V Bala Iyer, Vice President - Learning & Development Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Wall Accessories

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Our pentrays are of solid beech – a perfect match with the MagicWalls.
The surface is oiled or transparently coated.
The back side is magnetic so the trays can easily be positioned on the working walls.


Length22.0 cm

Height6.0 cm

Depth7.0 cm

Weight0.24 kg

The back side is covered with soft felt to protect the whiteboard surface.


Length22.0 cm

Height6.0 cm

Depth7.0 cm

Weight0.24 kg

Pentrays and Erasers come in different kinds of wood or can be coated so that they always match the frames of the panels.

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Our magnetic board erasers made of solid beech suit the aesthetics of the walls and pentrays and fit well in your hand. Because of their strong earth magnets, they stick to the whiteboard surface but can still be moved easily.


Length14.0 cm

Height4.0 cm

Width6.0 cm

Weight0.27 kg

Due to their velcro back side, eraser felts can be exchanged very quickly.


Length14.0 cm

Height4.0 cm

Width6.0 cm

Weight0.27 kg

Pentrays and Erasers come in different kinds of wood or can be coated so that they alway match the frames of the panels.


MagicTiles are large, flexible magnetic boards: the surface on one side is sticky and standard paper—either printed or blank—can be affixed to it repeatedly. The magnetic side can be placed on the MagicWalls.

Our MagicTiles come with a reusable protection sheet that preserves the stickiness during storage times and makes it easy to stack the tiles.

Standard sizes are A3, A4 and A5.
Please ask for other sizes or American letter format.

Magnetic tile with sticky surface

Process Mags (AnMaps)

Our magnetic process cards have a high quality laminated surface so that you can write on them repeatedly with whiteboard markers.

The standard sizes are A6 and A5 and they come in eight different colors.

Magnetic Process Cards (AnMaps)

Whiteboard Markers

Unfortunately, the traditional Expo markers are hard to find in Europe.

We are are able to purchase larger quantities directly from the US —including multicolor sets with orange, brown, pink, indigo, purple...

Please ask for availability and prices.

"We have worked with MagicWalls as our preferred partner (both in the UK and Internationally) for mobile Workwalls and collaborative event kits for a number of years….this was based on the excellent service we have received over the years, the manufacturing quality of walls/kit and the helpful support always provided by the MagicWalls team. Based on our experience we chose to partner with MagicWalls on having a UK based kit for our and our client use."
Joe Binnion, Director of BiG Innovation

Trolleys, Crates & Tables

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Production Trolleys

Our production trolleys provide a lot of space for all the stationery supplies you need at your event.

They have multiple A3 drawers, shelves for loose items and - depending on the model - additional big drawers for bigger items.

All drawers are labeled with magnetic labels so that it's easy to find what you are looking for.


Our biggest production trolley provides enough space for stationery for up to 150 participants.

It has 27 A3 drawers, 4 big drawers, shelves for MagicTiles/cutting boards/long rulers, space for A0 foamcore


Width156cm / 5'1"

Depth65cm / 2'2"

Height174cm / 5'9"

Weight245kg / 540lbs

Big Stationery Trolley


Our medium size production trolley provides enough space for stationery for up to 150 participants. In combination with the tower on the next page, it provides the exact same space as the big trolley.

The medium trolley has 27 A3 drawers, shelves for MagicTiles/cutting boards/long rulers, space for A0 foamcore.


Width114cm / 3'9"

Depth62cm / 2'0"

Height170cm / 5'7"

Weight (empty)175kg / 386lbs

Medium Production Trolley


You can use the production tower in addition to the medium trolley or any other trolley to provide space for larger items.


Width51cm / 1'8"

Depth65cm / 2'2"

Height150cm / 4'11"

Weight105kg / 187lbs

Production Tower


Our small production trolley provides enough space for stationery for up to 40 participants.

It has 20 A3 drawers, shelves for MagicTiles and larger items. A large cutting board and ruler are stored in the lid.


Width114cm / 3'9"

Depth49cm / 1'7"

Height107cm / 3'6"

Weight (empty)115kg / 254lbs

Small Production Trolley

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Crates for MagicWalls

Your valuable MagicWalls should be protected for transport in the best possible way.

We have designed and are able to produce various kinds of transport cases.

Depending on your special needs you can choose from several standard crates or have your very own version tailored.

Crate for Double Walls

Some features of our crates are

  • heavy-duty wheels
  • 360° protection with easy access
  • smart solution to store the wheelsets inside the crate

Crate for Curved Wall

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Our round working tables are designed for quick assembly and disassembly. They are of solid plywood; the tabletop surface is laminated in white and can be cleaned easily.
The base of the table consists of two nested oiled plywood surfaces and is attached to the table top with bolts. Assembling and disassembling can thus be carried out in just a few steps.


Diameter120 cm

Height78 cm

Weight23 kg


You would like to configure a room or space to enable creative, interactive working?
We will explain our concept to you on site and make an individual proposal.

Planning and Design

In close coordination with you, we develop a detailed concept for space design.
This includes specific suggestions for furniture, technical equipment, lighting and much more.


Collaborating closely with you and, if applicable, your interior designer, we implement the concept that has been developed. Special furniture and technical equipment can be supplied by MagicWalls.
We are also happy to provide training for your employees in the optimal deployment of your new collaborative space.

Please visit MagicWorkspace for more information.


Are you interested in renting MagicWalls for your event?

From our locations in Berlin, London, Singapore, Dubai and Central United States we offer not just Walls but also complete kits for running interactive workshops.

The complete kit will be delivered and set up at the venue of your choice.

Please send your inquiry to contact or visit our rental website www.workspace-to-go.com.



Paape und Chapple GbR

Stralauer Allee 5

D-10245 Berlin

Phone+49 30 82701603

Emailinfo at magicworkwalls dot com





Paape und Chapple GbR

Stralauer Allee 5

10245 Berlin


Phone+49 30 82701603

Emailinfo at magicworkwalls dot com


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